Self made MBAs…

In this day & age, with wealth of knowledge & information freely available and fabulous communication tools, I wonder why we cannot be our own self-made Masters of Business Administration…

Granted a lot of the great business training info & knowledge comes from the top business school researchers (Harvard Business Review), etc. But given that such wisdom is shared freely (not free as in dollars but free as in publicly available for a small cost), can we not have groups of interested “students” gather together in small local (or online virtually local) groups and learn.

Do we still need the same University & Classroom settings of the 19th & 20th century to really learn and be Masters of Business Administration – from an “open university of the world”. Can we not go back to the ages where most learning happened out in the world and not within closed boundaries?

For that matter, this can be extended to other branches of learning… Arts, Literature, Media – and most of the so-called soft skills.

Though, I would still hesitate to go to a doctor who had only “studied” at an open university of the world. 😉