Envisioning the post-iPad world of personal computers…

First, let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of my iPhone & iPad… Is it perfect? No! Not by far!

  • iPad is cumbersome. Holding it in one hand & reading is guaranteed to cause pain. Typing on the iPad for any length of time is sure to aggravate your carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • Viewing movies on iPad is far from satisfying.
  • But it is good enough for consuming small amounts of data regularly. And the iPad is a very capable computing device powerful enough to do most common personal computing tasks – browsing, emails, videos, docs.
So, what will the future post-iPad computers look like?
  • Display & the actual computer will be decoupled.
  • The computer will be the one that accompanies you all the time – your future superphone.
  • The display as well as the keyboard/mouse will be a separate device that is appropriate to the task at hand – either a TV or a projector or a tablet or a laptop or just a small phone display.
  • Your computer will always be connected – Wifi or 4G.
  • But the data on your computer will all come from the cloud –  or atleast be backed up there. So losing your computer wont be as traumatic.
To some extent, the Atrix 4G is a sign of what’s to come in the post-iPad world.

About navanee
Citizen of the Universe. Visiting Earth on a valid world-visa, presently parked in Bangalore India. Detailed Bio here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/navanee Previously, lived 17 years in Coimbatore, 4 years in Chennai, 2 years in Provo, Utah and 11 years in San Jose, California.

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