The Smartphone of 2011 – Can it be your Netbook, eBook reader, digital media receiver (Apple TV, Roku), Digicam as well?

The leading smartphones of 2011 are going to have the following hardware features:
      – Dual Cortex-A9 processors running at 800Mhz to 1Ghz.
      – 32 to 64GBytes of Flash storage and copious amount of RAM memory
      – WVGA (800×480) or larger touchscreen
      – Second Display at 1080p (1920×1080) resolution via HDMI
      – Dual camera support with HD Video recording
      – GSM or CDMA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, FM, mic/speaker/headphone features

The software features will include:
      – Touchscreen capable OS like Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Mobile 7
      – Key features: Phone, Internet (HTML5 with Flash), Email, Media player, Camera
      – Support for 3rd party apps via app stores

Chips and development platforms with these features have already been available to OEMs from TI (Blaze MDP), ST-Ericsson (U8500) and others as of late 2009. Early products with these features will likely hit the market for 2010 Christmas sale or many products will be readily available in 2011.

Given these features, can these devices not serve as your Netbook or eBook reader if you had an external display & keyboard like this accessory?
When placed in a dock with a HDMI cable (and perhaps a USB HDD), can these devices not serve as your AppleTV, Roku Netflix streaming player or Boxee Box?

Wouldn’t this “smartphone” become your real “Personal Computer”? Why do you still need a Netbook or basic digital camera or digital media receiver?

Of course, you might still need a Mac and iTunes player to “sync” these devices to your PC. 🙂


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