India’s “Deciding Decade”

Two weeks into the new ’10s decade, I happened to read this Indian Express article and its related articles on a printed special edition of the overseas version of Indian Express – about India’s Deciding Decade.

The number of people whose lives will be impacted – for better or for worse – is truly immense.

This got me thinking a lot about my own work and contribution towards the current Deciding Decade (2010 to 2020) for India as well as the broad developing world.

I plan on spending some of my time & energy on two key areas relating to this in the coming decade:
          – Improving School, University and Vocational education using technology
          – Encouraging educated youth involvement in Public service

More on specific ideas later…


About navanee
Citizen of the Universe. Visiting Earth on a valid world-visa, presently parked in Bangalore India. Detailed Bio here: Previously, lived 17 years in Coimbatore, 4 years in Chennai, 2 years in Provo, Utah and 11 years in San Jose, California.

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