Comparing my “iPad” predictions from Oct 2008… Not bad.

Not bad… 10 out of 14 of my predictions from Oct 2008 turned out to be true today (Jan 2010) – especially the price point.

But my big mis-prediction was that I expected this product from Apple in 2008/2009. They are a year late.


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2 Responses to Comparing my “iPad” predictions from Oct 2008… Not bad.

  1. Lots of of bloggers are not very pleased with this new iPad.There was just 2 much hype about it and lots of blogers got turned off.Thing is, I can actually see lots of the awesome potential of this gizmo. Third-party applications for playing music, games, papers and magazine and books, tons of good stuff, but they just didn’t really sell it properly (aside from the books). It feels kind of not finished

  2. Karl says:

    Well done!
    Did you foresee that Flash and Java would still be banned too (as for the iPhone, despite the announce of Sun in march 2008 that there were about to release a JVM ^^) ?

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