Laptops or Netbooks with built-in Projectors… Coming soon.

TI’s first generation DLP-based pico projectors have already been designed into SmartPhones in early 2009. Now they have announced 2nd generation DLP projector chips that will show up in 2010 devices. There are many other companies like Microvision that also are innovating on pico projector technology for various uses.

One place where these small projectors will be highly useful is Laptops or Netbooks. One major problem in confererence rooms around the world is a scramble to get projectors working with laptops. This invariably happens at the beginning of every meeting in the corporate world. And during the meeting, there is more time wasted in exchanging projector cables if someone else needs to present. Even though we have Webex, etc a need for a projector has not diminished.

A Laptop with a built-in projector would greatly simplify this problem savings countless minutes/hours in important meetings. With just a click (may be a combination Function-F8 click), you can start sharing your screen to meeting attendees. In addition in the case of smaller Netbooks, it might be a good way to make use of a larger screen to watch movies, etc while still having the netbook advantage of low-cost, small size & long battery life.

Starting 2009/2010, we should see many business laptops including a built-in projector. Netbooks might take longer to incorporate when price & size goes down.


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