14 Predictions for Oct 14 launch of Apple “notebook”

Here are my predictions for the Apple Oct 14 Launch. Lets see how much of it is correct.

  1. Tablet-PC style Notebook PC called iBook
  2. About 9-12inch Touchscreen.Same Touch UI as iPhone
  3. Only Soft Keyboard or bluetooth keyboard. No Mouse – only fingers or stylus or bluetooth keyboard
  4. Hand writing recognition
  5. Atom Processor with MacOS X of course
  6. $500 to $800 price
  7. No HDD. Only Flash drive
  8. Includes iSight camera
  9. Bluetooth support like Macbook
  10. Includes WiFi and atleast one 3G support (AT&T 3G or WiMax)
  11. Includes iTunes
  12. AppStore extended to include Apps for new iBook
  13. USB, DVI/HDMI Ports
  14. No CD/DVD drives

About navanee
Citizen of the Universe. Visiting Earth on a valid world-visa, presently parked in Bangalore India. Detailed Bio here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/navanee Previously, lived 17 years in Coimbatore, 4 years in Chennai, 2 years in Provo, Utah and 11 years in San Jose, California.

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