Next phase in Indian Politics…

The next phase in Indian Politics is going to see the entry of young, educated, middle class Indians entering active politics. This is different from before.

Either the very richest “dynasties” came to power because of their connections or their privilege to focus on social problems as opposed to being bothered by the daily chores of life. Examples include the Gandhis, Scindias, Chidambaram, etc.

On the other hand, the “lowest class” (economically) of people came to power because they were oppressed for long periods of time and they struggled against this oppression. Capturing political power was a great way to improve their lot. Examples include Karunanidhi, Laloo Prasad Yadav, etc.

But going forward, young, educated, middle class is going to be the face of Indian Politics. Why ? Because the middle class is numerous in number and is becoming a strong political force, though they dont see themselves as such at present. At present, they are quite apathetic about politics instead focusing on their normal lives, savings, childrens education, future planning, etc. But a reasonable number of them are going past those issues already and are beginning to think of the environment or situation around them and about improving them.

They are going global and are able to see how their country could ideally be and are beginning to form a vision… This vision will translate to action. And political action is going to be one of the forces that will make this happen. Some examples of this are already visible – read about Lok Paritran, Lok Satta, etc.

It is going to be interesting…


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