My Review of Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.3

Originally submitted at Sun Microsystems

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software

Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.3

Pretty impressive technology.. But.. 😦

By Navanee from San Jose, CA on 8/15/2007


5out of 5

Pros: High Performance, Great Features, Price

Cons: Price, Poor Value, Documentation

Best Uses: Data Center, Cloud Computing Frontend

Describe Yourself: Business User, Network User, Value Oriented, Quality Oriented


I just tried out SGD and was impressed with how quickly I was able to get it running and the excellent responsiveness of the GUI over a slow DSL line. The more impressive thing was how nicely it started working behind a proxy/firewall or without it.

Specifically, when the installer said, “you seem to have disabled telnet. But the ssh port is open and SGD will use it..”, I was indeed surprised. Other tools might have asked me to modify some setup .conf file.

My biggest gripe is the Licensing. Firstly it is just TOO expensive – close to the price of very low end PC. I’m still wondering if I need to consider alternatives like Nomachine-NX. Secondly, it was difficult to find clear documentation of how much one needs to pay and the licensing model.

I think Sun should take a leaf from EMC-VMWare’s book and reconsider the pricing model for SGD.

SGD is an awesome piece of technology – Don’t shackle & kill it under high price just because some competitors do it or if you think there is a market for it.

Read “Five Deadly Business Sins” by Peter Drucker below –




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